ACHESS (Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System) helps to prevent and intervene when relapse may occur using a series of mobile supports by promoting coping competence, social relatedness, and autonomous motivation. ACHESS helps to build a network of peers caregivers to provide a 24/7 support system in the patient's pocket.



High Risk Location


support locater

GPS detecting for when a patient is enter a potential high risk location.

A variety of content  for the patient to engage with, save and reflect upon.

Patients can locate the nearest support meeting and see the contact information.

Beacon Signal

Non-emergency beacon message sent to caregiver alerting them that a patient is in need of assistance.


Beacon also shows the patient several resources they can use to help them avoid relapse.




Patients can create personal goals for themselves and create planned goals with their caregiver.

The patient can log their thoughts and experiences to later reflect upon.

Reminders for patients medications and important appointments.

Recovery Progress

The weekly survey documents the patients progress and updates the patients recovery graph that reflects how they are doing over time.

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