The Dashboard links up with the A-CHESS application and provides all the tools, data and customization needed for the caregiver to curate an A-CHESS experience for their patients. Caregivers can prioritize patient information, correspond and determine who may be at risk. Caregivers also can upload and create content and surveys, organize their patients, set up medications and appointments for their patients, message individuals or groups and view a patient's progress in the program.




Content Creation


Create and assign medications to patients.

Upload, target and customize content for patients.

Create and schedule appointments with patients.

Recovery Progress

View a detailed report of a patient's overall recovery and progress. Toggle on and off different categories of the recovery graph to view correlations.

custom surveys

real time messaging

patient organization

Caregivers can create custom surveys that reach all of their patients or filter surveys to different groups of patients.

Message patients real time on the dashboard directly to the patient's application.

Organize your patients into discussion groups and teams.

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