Central Kansas Foundation

Salina, Kansas

The Central Kansas Foundation offers help and hope to those suffering from addiction and has been doing so for 50 years. Les Sperling, CEO of the Central Kansas Foundation, has been with the organization since 1999. He graciously agreed to allow us to highlight the dramatic results CKF is having in reducing the amount of SUD-ED visits within the Stormont-Vail Hospital System.


CKF has proven expertise targeted to assist acute medical care facilities with the early identification, intervention and management of patients with SUD. Their services help to: reduced ER recidivism, shorten SUD patients’ average length of hospital stay, coordinate care ensuring appropriate SUD treatment services and insure compliance related to SUD screening and intervention.


They do this in a number of different ways: complete a collaborative, thorough review of encounter data related to SUD presentations; strategic placement of experienced SUD casemanagers on shifts and in locations with a high volume of SUD patient encounters; implementation of appropriate SUD screening and brief intervention practices; and coordination and implementation of a formal SUD treatment services provider network offering a host of services.



ACHESS Utilization data:


CKF used ACHESS with a group of 100 clients who had hospital ED presentations. After being referred to treatment, 50 of those clients agreed to use ACHESS and 50 clients chose not to use ACHESS. As a result of using the ACHESS app, participants had 65% fewer ED presentations in the 30 days post ED intervention.


CKF also compared outpatient treatment attendance rates among participants using ACHESS and those not using ACHESS.  ACHESS participants’ outpatient group attendance was 14.2% higher than non-ACHESS participants.

Both of these sets of data clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of ACHESS’s role in the recovery process. We applaud CKF’s successes within the field of addiction recovery and are proud of the role ACHESS has played in that.

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