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Women in Recovery (WIR) is an intensive outpatient alternative for eligible women facing long prison sentences for non-violent, drug-related offenses. Operated in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, WIR works closely with the criminal justice system and various community partners to ensure program participants receive supervision, substance abuse and mental health treatment, education, workforce readiness training and family reunification services.


Women in Recovery, a program of Family & Children’s Services, has found great success with utilizing the ACHESS recovery app as a program completion “gift”. We introduce the app within a group format when preparing our participants for program completion; the transition from intensive step-down programming to aftercare treatment. During the group, we provide an app overview and have created a ACHESS Bingo game card to help clients get acquainted with, navigate and customize all of the features the ACHESS app has to offer.  The app has provided an outlet for our program graduates to never be without recovery tools, skills and community. Our graduates love being able to connect, support and celebrate one another through the online community forum. Additionally, the use of the surveys and notifications provides therapeutic staff with a snapshot of daily life for our clients. We are able to customize notifications and offer real time support to clients when identifying a struggle or symptom that are indicative of needing timely follow-up.  The implementation of the ACHESS app within the Women in Recovery graduate community has increased engagement, which is the number one indicator of living successfully in recovery among our clients!



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