Samaritan Daytop Village

Briarwood, New York

Samaritan Daytop Village has evolved into a comprehensive human services agency with more than 40 locations across New York City and beyond. Samaritan Daytop Village offers a rich array of programs including treatment for substance abuse, innovative services for veterans, and programs for homeless individuals, women and children, seniors and families.


Currently there are 40 clients who have used the A-CHESS app. Staff are trained to use the dashboards and integrate the information they find into their sessions with clients.  During a focus group with 6 client using the app, this is what we found:


Clients responses to how they liked using the app:


“The app provides “Recovery right in your hand” another said, “As an addict you find the ‘urges are powerful and sometimes you are alone and don’t have anyone to reach out to..the app helps” another client stated, “This app keeps recovery close, brings you back to recovery”


When asked about the daily/weekly surveys, most clients agreed that they felt it was a good thing because they “bring back the focus” to their recovery every morning. “When my check-in comes in [the reminder to complete the daily survey], that’s when I open the app and I send out a ‘good morning’ message to everyone. “Every day I get the message at 8AM and that is the best way to start my morning”


Interaction with Counselor/Program Staff: All clients agreed that they have been able to talk to program staff via the app. They all agreed that their counselors are accessible through the app. One client mentioned that they appreciate that someone is posting all the groups for that day in the app. While this client cannot attend groups during the week during to a work schedule, she liked that someone is sending out all this information to keep them feeling linked to the program.


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